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cr; owner
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Credits: Me (2nd op; Se Hun).

Sehun: Luhan-ssi were bestfriends right?

Luhan: Yes,of course.

Sehun: So be honest with me,who do you like?

Luhan: no one,but i love someone..

Sehun: oh she must be very lucky…

Luhan: Definitely. I’ve loved her
ever since we met.

Sehun: Really? Well,since were bestfriends i wanna meet her. Go call her

Luhan: oh,oh Ok. *takes out his phone and dials her number…*

Sehun: wait,hold on,i think im getting a call.*answers the phone*

Luhan: i love you.

(c) LuHan RP

CR: to the rightful owner

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Anonymous asked: Why the fuck would you repost the photoset instead of reblog it!??! !??!?! Please explain that shit to me!?

Oh, i’m sorry. I just saw it on weheartit.Sorry ~ 

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